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By-Star Services Overview

By-Star Services Overview

The following table is a summary of all By* Services

Service Type Service Name Description
For businesses Internet services for small-to-medium businesses.
For individuals ByName provides a complete set of Internet services for the individual user. ByNumber provides access to appropriate components of By* service functionality, but based on a numerical ID assigned to the user instead of the user's name. A similar set of services to ByName, but based on an alias instead of the user's real name. Services for preserving the memory of deceased persons.
For places and events Services relating to physical locations. Services relating to events.
For information Services for publication of information organized by topic
For making things happen! ByInteraction enables transactions involving persons, businesses, places and things.

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This web site has been created based exclusively on the use of Halaal Software and Halaal Internet Application Services. It is part of the By* Federation of Autonomous Libre Services which in turn are part of the Halaal/Libre By* Digitial Echosystem which incorporate the following software components: